Gökpınar, Bilecik

The Rosalia Quarry in Bilecik is the largest beige marble quarry in that region, as well as one of the biggest quarries of any kind in Turkey. It also has the distinction of being Temmer’s first quarry, plus the one with the largest capacity. Opened in 1998, approximately 200,000 tons of block marble are extracted from Rosalia every year.

Belonging entirely to Temmer, the quarry’s reserves are clearly visible, demonstrating that it can provide marble for at least another 50 years.

This site also features a factory that contains modern, made-in-Turkey machinery which performs intermediate production and supports the integrated plant in Afyon.

Besides the well-known Rosalia Light stone, this quarry also yields the Crema Golden, Melisa Jin, Rosalia Pink, Crema Lucida and Fire Stone stones.