With awareness of harmony and unity with nature, based on sustainable ethical values ​​with the Corporate Governance model Temmer; This model is the most important source of “staff” in all activities related to heat management is based on the following principles;

  • Stronger together we can share our values, to choose the right workforce,
  • To meet the highest level of competence required by the job, employees self-manage development activities that promote the continuous development,
  • Processes with capabilities that align employee performance needs to provide organizational dynamics,
  • All employees Temmer Management Model, to support projects for social activities can take the appropriate role of their nature,
  • Their potential employees may still reveal themselves and to develop their creativity, enhance their performance management system that lets you take the responsibility for the consequences of their own,
  • “Human Being” on the basis of any anti-discrimination to perpetuate the working environment,
  • Not the problem of employees who are part of the solution, they can express their thoughts in a transparent manner “Participatory Management” to implement,
  • And all these principles, together with the employees themselves, for a common future, to build in cooperation.

Temmer differentiated characteristics of the study, is defined in Temmer management model. Starting from this idea fundamental and common competencies that are required during the recruitment process, Temmer Sustainable is defined to be a part of the Corporate Governance model:

  • Ethical values ​​serves as an integral part of life,
  • Capable of supporting the nature-human balance and unity consciousness,
  • Self-owned business and life goals, develop his own power,
  • Plan to manage, which can measure the analytical mindset that manages,
  • Corporate performance management and be able to work according to the philosophy efficiency.

These capabilities are available for each phase and mandate of our organization.

Our employees, who serve on corporate performance, improve its process performance when working with principles, also known as “participatory management” approach with different organizational / social units are involved in the project.