Granite is igneous rock formation with a visible crystal texture which includes of materials as orthoclase, quartz or albite feldspar, less generally consist of minerals like mica or augite and due to its very hard structure often used in structures such as monuments and buildings. Because of variety of the category, it has many areas for usage.

Durable Granite

Granite has a wide usage area due to its durability and solid structure. You can see granite in almost every area because it is quite popular within the buildings such as houses, offices and parks. You have nothing to worry about because of the wide range of products. Granite can be used in different areas such as houses along with dozens of colors and varieties. Along with options simple colors like black and white, such as copacabana, you can create a clean and simple design. You can use these colors in offices or workplaces. You can use the features of color such as Blue Roma in areas like a home, office or exhibition area with lighter color designs. You can create luxurious dining tables with ancient design products. And you can give a luxurious look to your sinks or you can reflect your taste while using it with another objects such as coffee tables. Along with the perfect harmony of the cream, copper and bronze colors contained in it, you can create combinations that can easily match other objects located in your space.

Granite Types

At the most important stages of history, granite is one of the most important natural stones frequently preferred by humanity. Granite was used because of the prominent feature in the construction of the pyramids, which are one of the most important historical monuments in the world from an architectural point of view. On the other hand, the Romans, who are featured with their important structures in history, also took advantage of the durability of the granite in their bridges. Allowed by its nature, granite has a polished and fancy structure. So it is one of the frequently preferred products in many important structures for these reasons. Currently, the areas of use are very diverse. But thanks to its use together with marble, it is very preferred. Especially in floow designs. Unlike to stunning appearance of marble, granite has much finer textures. So it can reveal a balancing design. And can create a look with a much more smoother design. Granite prices can be diversified according to the budget. With its solid structure, granite has used in many buildings and maket hem remain solid for centuries. And today it helps to the structures that have a natural design approach. 

Perfect Harmony with Temmer Marble and Granite

You can create wonderful design not only in the interior design of your home or office, but also in the exterior parts with granite varieties. Granite contain traces of nature and can reveal a much more smoother design by adapting quite easily with the environment. You can enrich your garden and entrance area with simple designs that combine dark colors, such as nero Zimbabwe. Or with more vibrant colors and textures, such as sodalite blue. Along with the granite products, which contain spesific features that are quite suitable for courtyards and roads, you can easily resist the most difficult weather conditions. You can use granite in outdoor arease due to their nature. It has durability and also resistant to many different weather conditions. You can do a finishing touch to your entrance of home with shades of black and gray. Or you can have the perfect harmony in the exterior of your home with various colors such as red to green.